What should I wear to train?

We recommend sports clothing that offers room to perform kicks. Ideally shorts and training top, however long sports leggings or tracksuit bottoms are fine as long as they allow stretch.

What equipment do I need?

Ideally 8oz-12oz boxing gloves for pad work and no less than 14oz for sparring. For sparring you will need shinpads, groin guard and gumshield.

Is there head contact?

There is no head contact for our junior members, under 16’s. The beginner adult classes may practice very light touch sparring and the advanced and sparring classes offer head contact. Students are advised to wear a gumshield for sparring.

Do I need to be fit to start?

Not at all. The best way to get fit is to come along to the class. We are constantly welcoming new members, all at various stages of their fitness journey, so just come along and join in.

Where can I purchase equipment?

We stock some equipment in the gym, There are also a number of reputable online retailers selling high quality Thai equipment, as well as martial arts shops. Speak to one of the team who will be able to make suggestions and recommend the best equipment for you.

Will I get hit?

As this is a contact sport there will be physical contact. For our new and beginner members the classes will usually consist of holding pads for each other or maybe boxing to each other’s gloves. Our advanced students and those attending the sparring classes will practice technique on each other. All techniques are practised with control and safety in mind.

Do you offer 121 sessions?

Yes, all of our coaches are available for 121 private sessions. Some students find that supplementing their classes with 121 sessions is a great benefit and they see massive improvement. Just speak to one of the team for prices and availability.

Can I train with a friend?

Yes, you can come along to the class with a friend or share a 121 session.

Will I be able to compete?

Yes, students wishing to compete in an interclub, or even a decision fight, may speak to one of our coaches who will advise them and help them on their fight journey.

What is an interclub?

Please see our Interclub FAQ sheet.

Do you have gradings?

No, All Powers do not operate a grading system. For students wishing to measure their progress we regularly support other gym’s interclubs as well as holding at least 4 of our own per year.

Is Thai Boxing the same as Kickboxing?

No, Thai Boxing originated in Thailand and stems from a fighting style used on the battlefield, whereas kickboxing is a Japanese hybrid martial art.

Do I need to speak Thai?

No, although we do use Thai words in the gym as part of training. For example you will hear a front kick referred to as a ‘teep’ and hear shouts of ‘ow-ee’ during sparring, however you will soon pick this up.

How are Thai fights scored?

Thai fight scoring is confusing to some people, however understanding the scoring can really help when fighting, and as a spectator. One of the UK’s most experienced judges and referees is Tony Myers please visit Muay Thai Judging for more information