Tanko Swytes Bottoms Men – Blue


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What are the changes for the next edition?

Remove 2 inches of cloth from the groin area and buttocks area to prevent gaping More robust zips, the current ones are not robust enough. New zips to match 2nd Edition Swytes Hoody Waistline to be changed to flat waistline with internal cords to match 2nd Edition Swytes Hoody  


Introducing the Tanko Swytes Bottoms, a new unique design to the sports clothing industry; mixing the best elements of sweatpants and performance tights.   Have you ever found yourself in the gym wearing your favourite sweatpants only to notice that they don't offer the complete flexibility you would like? You go for that personal best squat, and yet again your bottoms start creeping down your derri?re - annoying.   Or maybe you've bought yourself a nice pair of sports tights for increased mobility only to realise that they are a little too revealing than you would like.   It's hard to strike a balance between performance and comfort.   Designed for both performance and comfort, the dual design of the Tanko Swytes Bottoms allows for increased mobility of sports tights, while still maintaining the comfort of sweatpants.   The Swyte Bottoms follows a unique formula. Imagine cutting off the bottom part of your favourite sweatpants (just above the knee) and stitching a pair of sports tights to the bottom.   This unique design allows means that you can achieve a level of flexibility very few pairs of sweatpants allow. Due to the sweatpants being cut just above the knee, when you crouch down (or enter a squat position), the sports tight part of the Swytes Bottom will ride up your thigh, meaning the sweatpants section remains relatively untouched by the movement.   The Tanko Swytes Bottoms have been designed and tested by our brand athletes. The bottoms have been used for both functional weightlifting and combat sports, and our athletes are particularly impressed with the durability of the fabrics used.   Why not elevate your gym game by getting the matching Tanko Long Sleeve Classic Tee?   *model is 6ft tall and wearing a large   Features of the Tanko Swytes Bottoms:
  • A hybrid bottom which combines the best parts of sweatpants and sports tights
  • Seamless professional stitching between sweatpants and tights segments with no side seam
  • A metal eyelet on the inside of pockets for headphone cords
  • A flat wide cotton drawstring cord
  • Two zip pockets
  • Tanko logos positioned on the top thigh of the left leg. A second logo is located on the on back of right calf
  • A mix of three fabric styles. Upper half cotton polyester, middle poly/elastane, bottom poly/elastane
Washing instructions:
  • Warm machine wash
  • DO NOT bleach
  • Hang dry
  • Warm Iron
  • DO NOT tumble dry


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